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Williamson Pumps Ltd have been involved in the development and supply of pumps for "water fed pole" or "reach & wash" type window cleaning systems for a number of years and have been supplying pumps to a number of major manufacturers of these window cleaning systems

SHURflo diaphragm pumps have long been used for these type of systems as they have a number of characteristics which make them suitable. Diaphragm pumps can very efficiently generate the pressures required to pump water up 40 feet or more and give a good flow of water at the end of the pole. Additionally our SHURflo pumps have materials of construction which are suitable for use with the purified / de-ionised water used in the window cleaning process

Following a large amount of research and testing with SHURflo, the pump model 8000-946-138 was developed to provide the best balance of power, consumption, flow rate and water pressure (100 psi), to allow optimal performance and reliability of the window cleaning system.

The 8000-946-138 pump has been tried and tested in thousands of window cleaning systems around the UK and Europe, and has become the window cleaners pump of choice. 

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