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The ever popular WPL 810 series peristaltic pumps are available in a range of AC and DC motor options and various tube size combinations delivering flow rates as high as 987 ml/min. They are self priming up to 29 ft. (8.8m), can be run dry continuously, and are non-siphoning.


With peristaltic pumps the material to be pumped only comes in contact with the tubing. This is ideal for applications where the product to be moved or pumped should not touch any foreign materials. For example when dispensing slurries, food products, chemicals, or other difficult to handle fluids.

The 810 peristaltic pump can handle a wide variety of viscosities, from air to gases to heavy slurries, with a consistent positive displacement. Each revolution of the roller assembly delivers a precise amount of product.

Please click here for a Step by Step guide to 810 series tube fitting & changing
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